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Welcome to Adoring Saoirse Ronan, your english fansource about everything related to the 3 times Academy Awards nominee actress Saoirse Ronan. Saoirse is most known for her roles as 'Briony Tallis' on the 2008 movie Atonement, 'Christine McPherson' on Lady Bird and as 'Jo March' on Little Women. Saoirse can also be seen on the movies The Host, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Mary Queen of Scots and soon on Ammonite and The French Dispatch. We aim to provide you the best and fastest source about the irish actress by keeping you updated with her every project, appareance, interview or photoshoot. Enjoy your stay!
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  • January 06, 2016  Comments are off Interviews

    The Los Angeles Times: As a young Irish immigrant arriving in the U.S. in the 1950s, Saoirse Ronan carries the weight of the Oscar-contending film “Brooklyn” squarely on her 21-year-old shoulders. But that was the easy part of making the film about growing up and coming into your own as a young person.

    The harder part was experiencing all those things in real life right along with your character.

    ”I couldn’t get my head out of the fact that I was feeling all these things every day that this person felt, you know? It takes your head a second to manage all of those emotions. I felt completely out of my depth for the first little while,” Ronan recently told The Times.

    We’ll ask her about identifying with her character and more when the actress stops by our studio on Wednesday for a live video chat at noon PT, which you can watch by clicking back here. (We have conversations with lots of other actors and directors as well). And you can ask questions too by leaving them in the comments section below or tweet  us at #askLATimes.